We build Government grade web applications with
  • Forms
  • Workflows
  • Business Rules
  • Reports

uniDap GTD cleverly integrates these elements to help your business get things done accurately and on time

So how can we help you?
  • We implement systems that focus staff on what they need to do and help them get it done as quickly as possible

  • We ensure all your staff follow the same processes

  • We help you to always respond to enquiries on time
  • We ensure your enrolment management is efficient to save you time and money
How can we do this?
  • By embedding smart forms seamlessly into your current website
  • By automatically generating ‘To Do Lists’ for your staff
  • By implementing ‘Get it off my desk’ workflow management
  • By producing key performance reports that show what is done and what is to do

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Case Studies
IP Australia

IP Australia
IP Australia uses the uniDap GTD platform as their Quality Review System called QBRAVO. This solution is an internal high exposure and important solution that reaches 700 IP Staff who use it to ensure that work undertaken at IPA meets their very high Quality Standards.  The "Get it of your desk" workflow helps IPA staff get their work done efficiently – they are only presented with their contributions to the workflow and the actions they can take.  QBRAVO has over 300 forms, 500 workflow steps and several thousand complex and interwoven business rules.  Both IP Australia and uniDap are proud of this high quality and Effective Solution.

WaterQ SolutionuniDap WaterQ

The uniDap Water Quality Monitoring Solution has been built to the design specification of SEQ Catchments. The solution is a place to record all water samples and a place where all approved stakeholders can see samples in real time.

 The value WaterQ delivers is better science and efficiency relating to sample vs. calibration management. SEQ Catchments reported a 10 fold improvement in time management for co-ordinators and allows your organisation to easily meet your mandatory reporting obligations to the BOM - part 10 subcategories in category 9 Water Quality Information The Water Act 2007.


“I produced a report for a special project in under 1 hour. I would still be wrestling with excel graphs this time last year. Also the ease of linking calibration data to samples is a breakthrough. No more manually updating files, or messing about with spreadsheets! It's great.”

Janine Sigley - Community Water Quality Monitoring Officer - SEQ Catchments

Oams SolutionOnline Award Management System
  • An online award management system to manage the Duke of Edinburgh's international award for 135 countries
  • Over 40,000 registered users – anticipated to grow to 500,000 new users each year
  • Users can connect with others in their 'Award World' through messaging and emailing within the system, and accessing news
  • A centralised database system developed specifically for all end users – Staff, Volunteers and Participants to run and manage The Award
  • Based on the International Award Handbook
  • Accessible over the internet via a web front end or smart phone App
  • Hosted in a secure, managed server environment
  • Users are not required to install any software, you just sign up and use it

To see HRH The Duke of Edinburgh sign off the first Gold Award on the Online Award Management System - click here

To read the full article - click here

uniDap Solutions is a fast growing information solutions company, wholly Australian owned with offices in Brisbane and Sydney. We deliver specialised information management solutions to Government, not-for-profit and enterprise sectors. Our client base extends across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Bermuda and Canada.

uniDap's software is flexible and business focussed, we lodge data automatically to the Bureau of Meteorology, help manage risk for large industry and in the finance sector as well as help to improve office productivity, collaboration and client relationship management.

uniDap's dynamic team, solution and service delivery has earned the award of Deloitte ‘Fastest 500’ IT businesses in Asia Pacific. uniDap's solution is based on industry standards that deliver organised data to  heterogeneous devices anywhere in the world.

uniDap offer a suite of user interface applications both off the shelf and tailored in which to manage data such as;

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Case Management System
  • Collaboration Services System
  • Document Management System
  • And many more...

All services are hosted within Data Centres located in Australia and reside on Tier 1 platform with built in redundancy and disaster recovery so as to guarantee the service delivery and productivity.

My Business AwardsDeloitte Technology Fast 500 
uniDap Solutions is a rapidly growing business and as such has excelled in prominent Australian business awards.
Telstra Business AwardsQueensland 400 
uniDap Solutions is an accredited supplier to the Australian Government and the Queensland Government.

uniDap Solutions is an approved supplier to the DCaaS MUL orchestrated by the Department of Finance and Deregulation to provide Government Agencies a streamlined option to engage Cloud Services cost effectively. More Info

GITC Number Q-4937.
CCIQ QAssure accredited supplier #11251.

 Stratsec AccreditedDCaaS Multi-Use Listed
 Water Information BoMQueensland QITC
Our Directors
The uniDap platform has been commercially operational for over 10 years and uniDap Solutions has been marketing the platform since 2007. The company has not only developed the uniDap Platform but also established a solid client base in both Government and private business. The uniDap team has extensive past experience including:
  • Federal Government Minister
  • President of the Australian Computer Society
  • World President of the International Federation for Information Processing
  • As well as many years experience as Chairman, Directors, CEO’s of prominent Australian companies
Hon. Lawrence AnthonyProf. Ashley GoldsworthyGavin SigleyPeter Withey

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